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[ The Amazing Spider-Man Starters ] 
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Unavoidably Human || Cassie & Stiles 


               As a laugh escaped his lips in unison with the engine revving to life, Stiles peeled away from the curb and began heading in the direction of the discount store. “Yeah, me neither. It’s basically highway robbery. Plus the sour patch kids are always stale and it makes me way angrier than it should.” He joked, shifting gears. He liked making Cassie laughed. Selfishly though, because he liked hearing her laugh even more. If Stiles was poetic, he’d say it reminded him of summer. Of how you can always hear kids giggling outside, how the sun makes everything seem more alive, and how he’d sometimes take a trip to the coast and listen to the waves crash against the shore; the sand hot and damp between his toes. That was Cassie’s laugh.

               “How is your brother by the way? I feel like every time I’m at your house, he isn’t there.” Stiles asked, hoping he wasn’t getting to personal. Truth is, he just wanted to let Cassie talk. About anything. He could tell that she hadn’t really gotten the chance to since she moved to Beacon Hills, and Stiles was more than willing to be that outlet for her. “Reminds me of my dad, almost. The guy’s hardly ever home nowadays with all of these anim—” Stiles stopped, realizing he was about to bring up exactly what he was trying to avoid, “Work. Just a lot of work.” he corrected not-so-subtly.

               This was going to be difficult. Not just avoiding the topics of murderous killings in Beacon Hills, but avoiding the supernatural crap that seemed to infiltrate Stiles’ life no matter where he ran or who he was running with. It was everywhere. Harley was right. Stiles, Scott, Allison, Lydia— all of them were betrothed to the things that go bump in the night ‘til death do they part. It could very well be the biggest mistake of his life dragging Cassie into this, because one way or another she’d find out. Like everyone else does. And someone is bound to get hurt. Like Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy. The comparison made him cringe.

          “I know what you mean,” she said with an exhasperated sigh. “The reeses pieces are usually stale, too.” Cassie was honestly surprised by how comfortable she seemed to feel around Stiles. She had always been a pretty awkward person, so to take to someone that well that quickly was amazing to her. He made her feel at ease, and he seemed to be able to make her smile no matter what. But she wasn’t about to complain, because she found that she really liked spending time with Stiles.

          “Oh, my brother’s fine,” she said with a small wave of her hand. “He’s…He’s a little overprotective, especially after…” She trailed off, pausing for a moment. “Well, you know. The bonfire.” She glanced over at him, listening to him as he spoke. She found herself staring, though, and looked away when she caught herself, a soft pink tinge to her cheeks.

          “Mike seems to work a lot, too,” she said with a sigh. She remembered days when she and her brother would spend hours on the couch together—whether it was watching a movie or playing video games. She missed those days a lot. “I keep thinking I should get a job—so that I can help out.” She glanced out the window, looking at the trees as they blurred past them. “I wonder if any bookstores or something are hiring.”

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Are you gonna eat that?

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octaviasgriffin asked  » Cassie/Diana hug


Don’t care. You shouldn’t walk out at night by yourself in this town


I don’t exactly have a long list of people I can call.

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You couldn’t have someone drop you off?


My brother was busy. Besides, I can manage to walk a few blocks on my own.

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Makeover Montage || A Brassie Para 


Brooke looped her arm through the girl’s, dragging her along. “Oh, thanks. It’s Aunt Jenna’s though, she decorated everything.” She breezed through a quick tour, pointing at everything as she spoke. “Okay, we’ve got the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, and then my room is upstairs.

"But before we do anything else!" she stopped, swiveling to halt the girl’s progress forward. "Do you want pizza or Chinese more?"

Cassie let Brooke lead her around, taking in everything that she showed her. “Well, your aunt has great taste,” she complimented, looking around. She nearly tripped over her own feet, though, when they suddenly came to a halt.

"Oh, um, I’d be good with either, really," she said with a small shrug. "Though, you can never really go wrong with pizza, I guess."

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Makeover Montage || A Brassie Para 

Brooke double checked everything, snickering at herself as she did so. She had gone for the most cliche sleepover to exist, and she had to say, she’d done wonderfully.

A stack of chick flicks waiting to be watched? Check. Ice cream sundaes waiting to be made? Check. A horde of makeup waiting to be used? Check.

Now all that was left was—there! The doorbell sounded and Brooke scampered over to the door, throwing it open. “Hey, li’l bitch! Get your ass in here!”

Cassie couldn’t remember the last time she’d been invited to a sleepover, or the last one she’d actually gone to. She couldn’t help but feel a little nervous about it, but Cassie liked Brooke. She already felt like they were good friends, and it was something that Cassie had missed.

It didn’t take her too long to get to Brooke’s house, and when she got there, she was caught off guard by the way she answered the door. “Oh, um, okay,” she said softly, stepping inside. “I love your place.”

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Feelings about Tristan?

He’s the person I’m closest to, other than my brother. While other people might yell at me for being selfish or something, he’s patient and understanding. If I had to define it as anything, I’d probably have to say that he’s my best friend.

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Send me ☎ for my muses react to your sending them nudes.

[text] Um…
[text] Did you mean to send this to me?

Cassie was quick to delete the photo, not needing to see her friend in the buff like that.