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Cassie had noticed that Tristan was still not himself, and Cassie being Cassie, she worried. She wanted to help or at least be there for him, but she wasn’t quite sure what she was supposed to do—which was more than a little frustrating. But she hoped that maybe, some company might help—even if only a little bit. So, she grabbed her box set of Doctor Who and headed for Tristan’s house, ringing the doorbell and stepping back as she waited. When he opened the door, she offered a small smile and held up the DVDs.

"I brought Doctor Who?"



I’m only human, and I crash and I break down


Born and raised in Chelsea, Vermont, Cassie’s life was never particularly extraordinary. Her parents were happily married, and she had a big brother who always looked out for her. She and her brother, Mike, were always incredibly close, and Cassie didn’t know what she’d do without him. They always did stuff like watch Doctor Who and other sci fi stuff together. He was the one who got her hooked on all things nerdy and geeky in the first place.

Cassie has absolutely no idea what kind of lineage she actually comes from. Though retired, her parents had both been Hunters—raised to know how to take down supernatural creatures. They gave it up, though—preferring to have a normal family life. While Mike knew about their family history, their parents had decided that Cassie didn’t need to know. She was safer not knowing about all things that go bump in the night. And so, they kept it secret.

However, when Cassie was fifteen, her parents’ past caught up with them, and they were killed. The police called it an animal attack, but it was only partially true. Cassie had no idea that her parents had actually been killed by vampires; all she knew was that her parents were gone, and now her brother was the only family she had left.

After her parents’ death, Cassie started to isolate herself. She started to pull away from her friends, instead finding comfort in things like books, comics, and video games. She even started to pull away from her brother a bit as she closed herself off from the world.


After dealing with Cassie’s change in demeanor for two years, Mike decided that enough was enough. They were moving, and Cassie had no choice in the matter. She was angry, to say the least. Cassie didn’t want to leave; leaving Chelsea meant leaving her parents behind, and that was the last thing she wanted.

Nevertheless, Cassie didn’t really have a choice. So, Mike packed up their things, and next thing Cassie knew, they were moving to Beacon Hills, California—on the other side of the country. She’s still not happy with the move, and so, she keeps to herself—not particularly keen on making new friends.


✔ Kindhearted, Intelligent, 

✘ Stubborn, Curious, Naive

  • Michael Doyle — Big brother
  • Ciaran Aliah — Killed her parents 
  • Damien Theron — Family friend
  • Tristan Dumont — Family friend
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You know him.


—-I do?


You’re—ah, it’s fine. Not gonna ask who the father is?


I-I figure it’s none of my business.


I’m actually really offended right now but my therapist told me to not make people feel awkward around me by being too honest about my feelings. The guy was really hot though so sometimes I feel like it was worth it.


I-I’m really sorry.


Oh, um, yeah. One of the older episodes. We all make stupid choices but remember to always use protection when having sex.


Oh god, I’m sorry. I didn’t—I didn’t mean to offend, I just—-Oh god, I’m sorry.

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—I was one of those girls on 16 and Pregnant.


Wait, what?

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Well, that’s not very nice—judging people based on what you see of them on TV. You realize they’re all doing it for money, right?


Are you saying that you’ve never judged the people on shows like Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant?

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